Meet Dr Sue Ellen

Know Thyself

Saturday July 21st 2018

9:00am -12:30pm $25.00

Join Us For Some Fun!

Four Personality Temperments

Five Love Languages

Four Levels of Happiness

Summer Special $25!

130 Connecticut St

Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931 

Narcissist Surivor Support Group

Tuesdays beginning July 17th


$10.00 per ses/ 10 weeks $89 pre-paid

Healing; Support; Information; Friendship

Join this group to gain insight into Narcissitic relationships and how to heal from them and avoid them!

130 Connecticut St

Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931  

The Truth of Love Through the Truth of Suffering

Saturday July 27th 2018



We all have pain and suffering that happens in our life. God has a plan for how to navigate through suffering that is unike anything you know to this point! Join Dr. Sue Ellen Nolan as she reveals what God taught her about suffering and survival! 

130 Connecticut St

Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

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