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Authentic Faith and Life:


Powerful group experiences! In person with me or by webinar with me, where you can participate from anywhere in the world! 


  • "The Truth of Love through the Truth of Suffering"
  • "God as Father, Jesus as Spouse; You are Who You Hang With"
  • "The Church is Awakening within Souls"
  • "Know Thyself: God's Greatest Glory is Man Fully Alive"
  • "Who Do You Say that I Am; Jesus in Your Story" 


Everyone at some time in their life has to answer this question: "Is there a being that exists, outside of ourselves, that we generally call God; and if that Being exists, can He come into our lives and affect it?" 

Are you asking this question? Let's find some answers...

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About Me


BS in Psychology-with a counseling Minor;  BS in Human Services-and an addiction Minor; 

Masters in Theological Studies from Ave Maria University. Doctorate of Education in Pastoral Counseling.

Sue Ellen  grew up the youngest of eight and always wanted to be a guidance counselor. Today her life mission is guiding people towards the healing Truth and Love of God. A convert, Sue Ellen was challenged to find God in the Catholic Church, and discovered the wealth and depth of Catholic Theology and the Tradition of the faith that led to formal study; and a lifelong commissioning in a healing ministry. Through a series of mystical events she was lead through key points in her life to a life of service for God, and to 

“be about the business of the Church”.

"When you seek truth, you seek God whether you know it or not..." 

Sr Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

"Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought."

Pope St John Paul II


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Authentic Faith and Life